The David Knight Show (5Mar20 Full Show)

Posted on March 5, 2020 7:39 pm

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— 00:04:30 250th anniversary of Boston Massacre.  Are we worse off today? — 00:09:46 Schumer threatened judges — that’s a federal crime.  Are Democrats trying to divert attention from their totalitarian policies back to their old reliable issue? Did McConnell us a rule trick in the Senate to keep the abortion issue alive while babies die? — 00:22:24 Did Schumer move Roberts to support the anti-abortion law? Was that what Schumer wanted to do all along? — 00:31:53 Population control is the real whirlwind we’re about to reap and atheist Democrat says “the abortion industry cannot police itself” — 00:56:19 Another day, another film to push pedophile, gender confusion agenda. Billy