The David Knight Show (3Mar20 Full Show)

Posted on March 4, 2020 7:40 pm

— 00:04:27 What are the risks? tornadoes, rabid cow & coronavirus

— 00:10:42 Hillary Clinton will be required to testify under oath & cross-examination as judge overrules Barr’s DOJ & Hillary’s State Dept holdovers who are trying to shut down the Benghazi investigation & the subsequent email crimes

— 00:19:01 Forget “Operation Chaos”. Local offices, Constitutional Sheriffs & voting on primaries are much more important as illustrated by attacks against Oath Keeper LEO’s running for office

— 00:46:30 Rand Paul, ACLU & FreedomWorks push Trump to stop unlawful, unconstitutional FISA surveillance — Barr & McConnell push to continue

— 00:56:03 Monsanto/Bayer caught knowingly poisoning farms with dicamba drift so farmers will be forced to buy their GMO seeds. $265M awarded to peach orchard owner after they destroyed 30,000 trees

— 01:24:03 Time to play “Political Feud” — AP’s survey asked for a 1 word description of candidates.  Can YOU match?

— H3S2 Biden picks up endorsements from Buttigieg, Klobuchar & Beto in Dallas.  The establishment was gunning for Bernie like it was Dealey Plaza. But Biden can’t remember Super Tuesday is on Tuesday & he can’t remember Declaration of Independence (of course)

— 01:44:53 Questioner exposes Bloomberg’s elitism — HE needs armed body guards because he’s important.  YOU don’t need guns because you’re NOT important

— 01:46:03 Eric Peters,, joins to look at automakers closing car assembly lines of cars customers WANT to convert to EV’s they DON’T WANT as states extend crony capitalism & double standards for EV sales like they have for ride sharing vs taxis

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