The David Knight Show (4Mar20 Full Show)

Posted on March 4, 2020 7:40 pm

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— 00:09:19 Donna Brazille is upset when GOP Chair points out DNC corruption, shouting “go to hell” repeatedly.  Is she upset about the truth or the candidates they’re stuck with?  San Francisco is already a hell if you own a store — video of looting in broad daylight & nothing done b/c shoplifting under $950 no longer a crime — 00:13:42 Super Thursday for Biden! Bloomberg’s ROI — $$ per vote & per delegate — 00:20:59 Biden might have had a momentary bit of quick thinking as he stopped himself from saying “God” — an unpardonable sin in the Democrat Party — 00:46:26 Will SCOTUS call the ObamaCare case “Roberts