WTF: Abortion Advocate Sports ‘Gator Eating A Baby’ Earrings

Posted on March 4, 2020 3:11 pm
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Photos out of Washington D.C. show a pro-abortion protester wearing unusual earrings — featuring a crocodile eating a baby.

What do you think about this pro-choicer’s earrings?@MaryMargOlohan @mattmiller757

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) March 4, 2020

Liberals were picketing outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday to protest a Louisiana pro-life bill that will come under review by the Court.

One protester highlighted what the left wants: unfettered access to abortions at any stage in the pregnancy, even up until birth.

“I’ve had three abortions, because I don’t want to have children,” she told the Daily Caller.