The David Knight Show (25Feb20 Full Show)

Posted on February 25, 2020 7:38 pm

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Topics by timecode: — :00:05:17 // Mardi Gras float shows Hillary strangling Epstein in prison jumper — 00:07:51 // Assange’s extradition will kill free press — where’s WaPo & NYT? And, what happened to Assange after the hearing yesterday is another example of the deliberate efforts to kill him — 00:22:29 // Will corona shutdown in China cause a global recession? Here’s the effect that’s being felt so far and what will happen before it can be turned around — 00:42:16 // Locust swarm meets killer ducks? A SHTF scenario — 00:56:29 // BootyGay’s use of a 9 yr old to sell his LGBT credentials is a disturbing example of