Rudy Giuliani Meanders Into Arguing Impeachment Trial Would Be Good For Trump While Arguing Impeachment Should Be Dismissed

Posted on January 12, 2020 11:32 am

Rudy Giuliani popped up on Fox News tonight to claim the Supreme Court should dismiss President Donald Trump’s impeachment before a trial starts – then meandering into arguing that a trial would be good for Trump.

“There are no rules for a trial in the Supreme Court. All it says in the Senate is there shall be a trial. The Chief Justice presides. What happens at the beginning of the trial? The defense lawyer says I move to dismiss the indictment,” Giuliani told Jeanine Pirro Saturday, claiming it would be like indicting him in New York for “not looking nice tonight.”

“Can they do that with Mitch McConnell?” Pirro asked.

“Mitch sets the rules. This should be done as if it were a trial in the United States district court,” Giuliani continued.

Then Giuliani seemed to muse that an actual full-fledged impeachment trial would be better for Trump despite arguing impeachment should be dismissed.

“If we do go to trial he will get acquitted and they’ll make fools out of themselves,” Giuliani said. “I can even argue that politically it would be better to go to trial! They’ll find out about Biden, they’ll find out what a big crook Biden is.”

Giuliani went on to claim without presenting any evidence that Joe Biden was making money in countries like Iraq.

Watch above, via Fox News.