The David Knight Show 1-9-20 (Full Show)

Posted on January 11, 2020 5:38 am

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Topic index by timecode hour:min:sec *00:04:35 Demands by Pentagon that Senators fall in line backfire as Sen Mike Lee & Sen Rand Paul double down on the Constitutional requirements for a declaration of war *00:22:17 What happened to the Ukrainian airliner that crashed in Tehran? Why is Iran withholding the black box recorders? *00:46:14 Biden wants to federally prohibit plastic bags.  Where does the old bag think he gets the authority to do that? *00:51:21 A month in jail for transporting legal hemp? Banning the use of your own stem cells? A look at the insanity of our lawless government *01:13:28 WTH? First it was