Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Imagine If Hillary or Obama Reacted to Whistleblowers by Shouting About Treason…

Posted on September 27, 2019 10:15 pm

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Fox News’ Chris Wallace spoke with Shepard Smith this afternoon and said that President Donald Trump seems more “rattled” than he has been over any previous scandal or controversy.

“He’s more rattled by it,” Wallace told Shepard Smith. “This seems to have gotten under the president’s skin and perhaps to be worrying him more than almost any other situation he’s been involved in that I can remember.”

He brought up Trump’s comments about what the U.S. used to do to spies and people who have committed treason in the old days. Smith asked if there’s a danger in Trump attacking a whistleblower like this.

Wallace said he’s clearly not the first president to go “after a potential threat,” citing the Bill Clinton scandal in particular, but that clearly attacking a whistleblower in such a way goes too far:

“We have whistleblower laws to protect people who are trying in good faith — you can argue whether he’s right or wrong — but in good faith to say something is going wrong in the way the government has handled something. To accuse that person of potential treason really strikes at the whole point of why we protect whistleblowers. Think of the whistle-blowers… Again, I always think reverse the situation. Whistleblowers who claim that Hillary Clinton had acted improperly during Benghazi. How would we have felt if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama had accused them of treason? I think you have to consider it that way.”

Smith said there’s two information streams going on now: the things we know and “this information stream of constant attacking of the facts that is interesting to watch.”

He asked Wallace if it’s “troublesome.”

Wallace — who called out the spin from Trump defenders this morning — agreed and said while he expects this kind of thing from the White House, “I do think it’s important for people who are on the outside — you know, aren’t in the White House, I expect more of them — that they will try to look at the truth.”

He said that the “main things” raised by the whistleblower are true, saying instead of considering this as “a matter of my tribe or your tribe… deal in the facts.”

“It’s certainly bigger than anything political. This is about getting to the truth and doing the right thing and protection of the democracy while following the Constitution,” Smith added.

Wallace concluded that he doesn’t believe Democrats have enough grounds for impeachment yet, but said, “This is a point at which the Democrats need to hold hearings and find out what’s true, what isn’t true, and either build a case or the case will fall apart. And it would be nice if everybody on the Democratic side and the Republican side would have an open mind and let’s see where the facts take us.”

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