What Are The Differences Between e-Cigarettes Vaping & Vaccines: Both CAN & DO Kill!

Posted on September 23, 2019 12:11 am

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By Catherine J. Frompovich

Before readers and astroturfers, in particular, decide to ‘attack’ this article, let me cite U.S. CDC/HRSA statistics!  E-cigs are vaped into adolescent kids’ growing lungs, whereas vaccines are injected into babies’ tiny, day-old bodies, i.e., the Hepatitis B vaccine!  How many day-olds will be injecting meth and other street drugs, or participating in unprotected sex—the diseases that specific vaccine is geared to ‘protect’ against?  It doesn’t stop there: childhood vaccines continue on to old age per CDC’s schedules!

e-Cigarettes Vaping Deaths to date [The current update now stands at 8 deaths!]

Three people have died of a mysterious