China Threatens Military Invasion of Hong Kong: Peaceful Protesters Risk Clash with Chinese Forces – Hong Kong Airport Closed (VIDEO)

Posted on August 11, 2019 9:50 pm

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After weeks of protest the Chinese military is close to invading of Hong Kong today.

进村啦? 神马情况?!

— 邱岳首 (@7k_QYS) August 10, 2019

Vehicles reportedly passed through the Customs facility in Shenzhen, China on the road to Hong Kong.  (Update: but we cannot confirm whether these vehicles entered Hong Kong.)

video clip shows many military vehicles pass though Qianhai Customs Shenzhen, not sure from Hongkong or to

— 佐拉 (@zuola) August 11, 2019

More video…

A friend send me this, Chinese military moving into Hong Kong for this weekend’s protests apparently.