Does loving others mean accepting their wickedness?

Posted on July 2, 2019 6:01 am

I recently received a letter from a Thomas Carpenter of Santa Monica, California. Suffice it to say the letter represented everything we would expect from his kind.

It appears Carpenter was offended because I spoke the unambiguous truth in my syndicated op-ed titled: “Homosexuality is not normal; it’s deviant sexual lust.”

Following is the chap’s jeremiad as it was received, unedited or changed in any way:

“For someone who says he doesn’t hate homosexuals you really go out of your way to judge and condemn them. As a person raised in a religious background, I distinctly recall the part about not judging others. If you loved them, you would accept them as other children of God, because that’s what they are. As for the part about homosexuality being a ‘deviancy,’ I would ask you if you have bothered to read what the major medical/scientific associations all say about the subject? They distinctly say that homosexuality is a sexual orientation, and NOT a deviancy or a disorder! As such, these experts agree that homosexuality is not contagious either, so forget that threat. You say it’s your right to refuse to accept acts of sexual perversion, and that’s true, just don’t do anything you consider a perversion. It just isn’t your right as a ‘born again Christian’ to play God. As for subject being ‘born again,’ I personally see that many of your kind overreact to many of life’s realities, perhaps as a compensation for your own insecurities and past failures. But who am I to judge!”

Carpenter is emblematic of those who are remorselessly given over to sin. What he has written sounds akin to someone making bubbling sounds with their head in the toilet.

Carpenter sent his diatribe by the postal service, but he massively miscalculated by believing he could get away with his attempted drive-by attack. Where I come from we say what we mean and mean what we say. Ergo, if I hated homosexuals, I would have said so. The fact that I said I do not hate them, means just that – I do not hate them.

As for his being a “person raised in a religious background” – so what? His claim of having been raised “in a religious background” indicates he apparently learned nothing from the experience or he has rejected whatever he may have learned, unless his so-called “religious background” was a religion that sanctioned godlessness and no accountability to God.

It was predictable that somewhere in his decision to be insulted, he would fall back upon one of the single most misinterpreted scriptures in the Bible – second perhaps only to the idea that “God helps those who help themselves,” which is a damnable lie from the pit of hell.

It is quite probable it’s the only scripture in the Bible his kind knows or remembers; because in the mind of those like him and all others who do not want to be told they are living in sin, it absolves him/them of accountability. The fact is that they know their behavior is wicked, but they do not want us to tell them. However, I have yet to hear one of those quick to misquote Matthew 7:1 (KJV) ever quote John 7:24 (KJV).

You see, we are to judge, but we are to judge by “righteous judgment.” We are not to judge based upon appearance or from the attitude of the Pharisees and Jewish leaders Jesus was addressing in Matthew 7:1.

But, Carpenter wouldn’t know that because it’s doubtful he has spent time reading the Bible as the “Word of God.” His kind read the Bible in order to distort the truth. I digress for a moment to say this: If Carpenter were saved, the Holy Spirit would be in him, and he would not misrepresent what God’s word factually says. But, as I said, I digress.

It’s also worth noting that “righteous judgment” is essential for Christians and specifically Christian clergy, if we are to preach and recognize Romans 1:18-2:16 (KJV). Carpenter and his kind also completely ignore 1 Corinthians 6:1-5 (KJV). But let’s not stop there.

His twisted logic that if I really loved homosexuals, I would show it by accepting their wickedness and treat them “as other children of God” is Erebusic and morally opprobrious, but those are obviously character traits for him.

Where in the Word of God is it written that to show love we must accept and ignore wickedness? Did/does God overlook sin and wickedness because He loved us enough to send His only begotten Son to die for our sins? Did Christ, the prophets, the Apostles or any godly person in scripture or history ever ignore wickedness as a sign of showing love? Of course, the answer is no.

This person doesn’t want love; he wants absolution because he doesn’t want to be held accountable – so that he and his kind can continue to practice and/or support their chosen sinful sexual practices.

This brings me to his comment about the major “medical/scientific associations.” Are we to believe they are above the Word of God? Are we to believe the eternal consequences for sin are dismissed because “medical/scientific associations” invent research outcomes supporting sin? The faux-medical findings he referenced are disputed by legitimate doctors and scientists – but more importantly, they are disputed by the Word of God, and for a Christian nothing supplants the authority of God’s Word.

I would also point out that when it comes to his so-called medical/scientific associations he omits that they are changing the medical lexicon to accommodate sexual perversion. Consider that “gender dysphoria disorder” has been renamed specifically to make sexual perversion more palatable. He also omits the fact that no few of his so-called experts are themselves either sympathetic to homosexuality or homosexuals.

Carpenter either deliberately ignored or is ignorant of the “medical/scientific” research study that was done by Johns Hopkins University. Published in The New Atlantis – A Journal of Technology and Society, the three-part, 153-page research report unambiguously makes clear that evidence does not support the idea of people being born homosexual or lesbian. Apparently, Carpenter is also ignorant of or he chooses to ignore the scathing scientific rebuke that decisively discredits the lies of homosexuality, delivered by Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians.

Sadly, factual science doesn’t fit Carpenter’s narrative; he would rather try to bully people with lies and phony research results created to support lies. I’m guessing he finds the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University research even less credible than he does the Word of God.

Homosexuality is a perverse and abnormal sexual practice that is deviant on every quantifiable level. I say that with no malicious intent whatsoever. I state it as a fact. For more see: “Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder Not A Sexual Identity.”

I tackle this subject because I love them more than they do themselves, but condoning and appeasing their wicked behavior is not the answer. Homosexuals, like every other person living in sin, need Jesus Christ – just as I did and every other born-again Christian did before our conversion.

I cannot omit that committing sexual sin of any kind is disobedient and selfish in disregarding the God-ordained order per sexual intimacy. Homosexuality is selfish because they are willing to bring heartache, shame and estrangement to the point of destroying families unless their sin is accepted. What’s more evil than Satan using children to separate Christians from the Word of God by using their child’s behavior for spiritual extortion? The parents either disobey God and embrace sexual sin, or have the child and homosexual advocates try to guilt the family.

This Carpenter person who wrote me picked on the wrong person. I neither retreat nor apologize for being obedient to my calling as a minister and as a child of God.

In closing, I would be remiss if I did not inform this biblically illiterate person that he and all that agree with him should read John 1:12-13 (KJV). There is only one way to become a child of God. That is by receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior.

It is tragic that people like Carpenter are so misled. I pity him because nothing he says or believes will change where he spends eternity save his repenting and turning to Christ for forgiveness unto salvation.

As for his puerile attempt at insult, which is prototypical of his kind, he tries to infer that Christians have some fearful element of latent homosexuality, which is why we speak against sexual deviancy. Rather, I speak out because I want to warn the lost and unsaved away from the eternal pain of sin and because I do not want them to stand before God having not heard “You must be born again.”

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