Natixis Plunges After Its Ill-Named H20 Fund Sparks Panic Over Illiquid Holdings

Posted on June 20, 2019 12:35 pm

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Step aside Neil Woodford (and your disastrous investments in illiquid assets), and make room for French bank Natixis (and its own disastrous investments in illiquid assets), whose shares plunged 10% to the lowest in three years, after bond rating giant Morningstar suspended its rating on the woefully-named H2O Asset Management’s Allegro Fund yesterday, citing concerns over “the liquidity of certain bonds”.

“H20” fund… lack of liquidity… get it?

The questionable Natixis holdings are linked to debt issued by Lars Windhorst, “a flamboyant German entrepreneur with a history of legal troubles” according to the FT, which first flagged the Allegro fund’s