Why Are Schools Still Blinding Kids with VR Goggles When Experts Including American Academy of Pediatrics Warn About Blue Light and Radiation Exposure?

Posted on June 10, 2019 11:22 am

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By B.N. Frank

Once upon a time, school field trips didn’t involve strapping goggles onto kids’ faces to intentionally expose them to harmful (and sometimes blinding) blue light and harmful (and sometimes cancerous) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). But that’s how Virtual Reality (VR) works – not by magic.

That’s why scientists asked Google and schools to stop promoting and sponsoring these “trips” over 3 years ago.

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) scientists are calling on Google to stop the spread into schools of wireless virtual reality system Global Expeditions Pioneer Program where middle-school children hold a cell phone encased in a cardboard