“Culture War” is Occult Subversion, Not a Civil War

Posted on May 14, 2019 12:03 am

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The culture war is not a “civil war;” it is an invasion, carried out by subversion, not armies.Let me put this baldly. Cabalist Judaism is Satanism. Satanism seeks to replace God, invert all values and enslave humanity. First, they enslaved Jews, then Freemasons, who are Cabalists, and through Freemasonry most social institutions. Our “leaders” –political, cultural etc. — are akin to colonial administrators.  Humanity is to worship and obey the Illuminati leaders, directly or indirectly. The triumph of globalism and Communism will lead to one nation, one “religion,” one race, and one gender.  (The culture of a satanic cult. Obscene Miley Cyrus is…