Orwellian Smartphones Tracking Govt Employees Could Become the Pentagon’s New Employee Access Cards

Posted on February 9, 2019 6:16 pm

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By Aaron Kesel

The government wants a phone for its employees that uses an algorithm to track their location, the way they talk, type and even walk, Nextgov reported.

A New York-based company called TWOSENSE.AI and the Defense Department are working together on building a software-as-a-service, a B2B hybrid SAAS product to replace the infamous government Common Access Card (CAC) used by active-duty uniformed service personnel, selected reserve, DOD civilian employees and eligible subcontractors.

TWOSENSE.AI was awarded a $2.42M contract through an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) by the Army Contracting Command (ACC) to deploy deep neural networks for continuous multifactor authentication,