Fox News Panel Bizarrely Decides ‘Filthy’ NYC is ‘More Dangerous Than Ever’, Ignoring Record Low Crime

Posted on January 11, 2019 4:30 pm

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As dumb cable news shows go, Fox News program Outnumbered is near the top for misinformed “truthiness” that opts for opinionated feelings from pundits over informed analysis from experts.

Case in point: Friday’s conversation about how New York City is the “worst that it’s ever been” now that Mayor Bill de Blasio is in City Hall.

This follows a similar Outnumbered segment on Thursday in which the ill-informed hosts prattled on about how New York City has returned to a lawless place with renegade squeegee men and subway platform muggers.

The message to viewers? Be afraid to visit New York because Harris Faulkner has heard from friends